Trane XL20i Heat Pump Review

by admin on March 6, 2012

Trane has always produced some of the best heat pumps a good example being the Trane XL20i Heat Pump. This product is highly efficient and fuel savvy. It ensures the temperatures in your home are consistent through all the seasons of the year keeping you and your family comfortable.  Consumers have written good reviews about this product and it many excellent features.

The Features of this model

This model has a 19 SEER and a 9.0 HSPF enabling it to receive the energy star rating. This has also ensured it qualifies for the government’s tax credit making it more affordable.  It is able to switch to comfort R mode enabling it to control the humidity and fluctuations of temperature with ease.  It uses the chlorine free R-410A refrigerant which is by far superior to the R 22 refrigerant used by standard models.  it uses the climatuff compressors enabling it to offer excellent cooling during the hot season. This model supports the Telephone Access Module that enables the consumer to control it even from a far off location. It supports the Comfort Link II Communicating feature enabling it to achieve the right temperatures through efficient communication of the components.  It uses the multi stage fan that is silent in operation and is also compatible with the clean effects enabling it to purify the air in your home. This unit has the Weather guard top and a Dura tuff base pan that enhance its durability.

Trane XL20i Heat Pump Price

This model comes at a price that is slightly higher than most models but the good thing is that it is fuel savvy and of high performance. The 2 ton model with a 24, 000 BTU costs about $8,850 inclusive of installation while the 4 ton model comes at a price of $12, 425 also inclusive of installation. The compressor is covered by a 12 year warranty while other parts have a 10-year warranty.

The best way to get a reasonable Trane Xl20i price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.


This product is a god invested that has to be protected. The best way of doing this is ensuring it is installed by a qualified professional as this will save you from extra repair costs and also protect the warranty. A professional is able to fine tune your model ensuring it offers optimal efficiency. This will keep your home comfortable but also ensure that your model does not malfunction occasionally like the case would have been had you contracted a non-qualified contractor.

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